Miracle Gel

My Dear Radio Friends... I’ve Found Something Fun. Something Unique.
It's Another Jolly Adventure!


My friend Lisa is 80 years old.
We haven’t seen each other for at least 30 years.
A month ago she was driving to my area and we had breakfast at the coast.

Oh my gosh.
She looks fantastic! She doesn’t look 80 and she glows. She had me touch her face. Her skin felt like silk.

I was startled and said so.

"Listen Venus," she said, "I’m using something fantastic! I rub it on my face every morning and then I rub it off! It only takes 2 minutes."

"All this dead skin and debris just rolls off my skin and my face plumps up, and my facial lines are going away and I pat the stuff under my eyes and the eye bags are almost gone and I put it on this dog bite, see here on my hand? There’s no scar and Venus, this is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I feel alive, again."

"I want some," I said.

"Well dang Venus, I don’t have any with me. I’ll mail you a spoonful from my jar when I get back home."

Which she did.

Shortly after I got and used Lisa's shimmery pink gel, my daughter Summer and her family drove up the mountains to see me.

Right in the door, Summer and her husband looked at me with eyes as big as dog bowls... and both shouted,

"Wow! Mom, you look great! You look fabulous! Smashing. You look so..so healthy! Really healthy!"

I was confused. "I do? Oh good."

I was thinking, "Why are they saying this?" I liked their delight but... "Why the sudden enthusiasm for my looks?"

The day before I saw the kids I had tried... for the first time... Lisa's supposedly Magic Gel on my face.
Could this be the cause of their marveling admiration?

Apparently so.

I was amazed. And puzzled.

The Gel is So Simple. So Easy. So Pure.  So Inexpensive. And it made me look noticeably different... in a good way!

I ordered 6 jars of the stuff. Everyday I slathered it everywhere: On my face and neck, my décolletage. The back of my hands, my broken ankle, my feet, my arms, my legs. I went into a frenzy with that Gel.

That’s my Nature: 'Over-Do Everything And Let’s See What Happens.'

Later, still in puzzled wonderment, I showed my English friend Susan the Gel. While we had tea and cherry crumpets in my sun room, I smoothed the stuff on her face, using it like pink cake frosting. I put some on the back of her hands and some on her foot. Then, we both rubbed it off.

"Oh my gosh!" Susan shouted. "This is amazing! Look at all the dead skin coming off and all the dirt and…and now my skin is so soft! I want some! I want it right now!!!"
The woman took my last jar!

This 'Magic' Gel works 100% of the time on 100% of us.
It has a 97% Re-Purchase rate. This means it really works.

It just plain works.

What else does it do? Here are some before and after photos of real people. (If you want to see more larger 'before' and 'after' please look at the bottom of this page.)

As for me, I’m looking younger!
A stubborn red area I’ve had on my face for years..is gone! My face looks like it’s getting some kind of uplift. Lines have left or are less noticeable.

A friend who’s been testing and using it for a year says she looks like she’s had a facelift.

After I use the Gel my skin is incredibly soft and the perfect palette for the all natural 1920’s formula Tonic Lotion. After each use my suddenly amazing skin is ready for anything else that I normally put on my face.

*To Order and try the Gel for yourself: themiraclegel.com/venus

When you try the Gel, please let me know what you think of my latest fun find! venus@venusandrecht.com
xx Venus
About Free Samples: A free sample of the Gel is available, but I think it’s a waste of time. One sample is not enough Gel to make an impact or show you anything. (I tried one before the Gel was released to the public.) But, if you want one, email me with your address and I will send one to you. venus@venusandrecht.com

A Possibly Greater Adventure:
While using the Gel... you may find that yes! You’re as impressed by the Magic Gel as much as I am. When your friends start begging you for the Magic Look... you may want to enroll as a Gel Representative.. at no charge. Your friend’s purchases may pay for your own Gel habit.

OR, you can take it farther, point it out to lots of friends and make a tidy bundle of Big Moola for your old age. (When you still look like you’re 15 years old, of course!)
If you want to talk about this idea, please email me with your interest. We'll chat and I’ll help you decide what you want to do. OR click here for more info: http://2minutebusiness.com/venus

Notice How Her Lines Have Diminished.


Problem Skin

Lightens Skin

Forehead Lines Diminish

Discolored Skin