Miracle Tonic

Would you like to look and be Younger and Robustly Healthy?

It’s true, I talk to the Dead…but this Miracle Tonic may keep You talking to me in this life in good health for many long, happier, younger looking and younger being years!

Welcome Back to 1943

If you call the Tonic company here’s what you get:  

Aretta will call you back on her ancient Rotary Dial telephone. Your chat may be accompanied by loud, alien sounding persistent banging on the phone line.

When you order your products Aretta’s friend Millie, will scurry and bundle up, tape up and ship you the Tonic and/or the ‘Wondrous’ Helena Anti-Aging Face Cream.

That’s right. There’s no slickery ‘biddness’ or Rah Rah here, no exaggerated tales, no raucous music, no flickering repetitive videos and no huckster shouting promises of almost eternal life.
No one is trying to get you to sell the Tonic and make a fortune. They just want you to take it and feel better. You, looking a whole lot younger is a happy side effect.

I took the Tonic many years ago. After Carl Jurak, the formulator died, it disappeared. But, wow, here it is again and its even better. I can feel and see it working already!
This is the Original Tonic, that contains 4 ingredients that were left out of the formula I used to drink.

In 1943,   Carl Jurak dreamed the Original formula for the ‘Anti-Aging, Health Reviving, Miracle Performing Tonic formula’. That’s when he began making it in batches in his basement chemistry lab for people who happily came miles to get a bottle.

I knew Carl Jurak when he was an old man almost 90, and he looked very young. 

His son Anthony Carl Jurak makes the Original formula now. If you want to talk to him about the Tonic or whatever ails you, you can. He’s told me to have you call him! You read that right. Incredible as it seems in this time period, my friend Anthony Carl Jurak likes to talk to people about his dad’s formula. Ask me and I will send you his personal phone number. 

And by the way, at 75 years old in the photo and now almost 80 Anthony Carl Jurak looks just like he did when I knew him 30 years ago! He’s been drinking his Dad’s Tonic since he was a kid.

If you like the Tonic and it does for you what it does for most people, your friends will start begging you for it. You can sell it to them if you want to, but that’s up to you.


Cecil’s Fun Tonic Testimonial

*A MYSTERY: Can you find more health disorders and Testimonials on the Success Stories page?  They are there but Anthony Carl Jurak, having a bit of fun, likes you to hunt for them. (Hint, look on the left side of the testimonials that have the before and after photos.)

*I tell my friends to stay on the Tonic for at least 9 months-or more, before they re-evaluate. Some people get fast results and others with deep seated or chronic or so called incurable conditions… take longer to get relief.

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When you have Your Own Tonic Testimonials, I’d love to see them: venus@venusandrecht.com

*A CAUTION: YouTube has some videos about this product that seem legitimate. One has the original video of Carl Jurak and his formula dream along with the current bottle label. *The only legitimate website and Original formula JC TONIC is Anthony Carl Jurak’s JC TONIC site right here.

*You can email me about the Tonic at venus@venusandrecht.com (please put: JC TONIC in the subject line)
I’m having an ounce of the Tonic right now, to your Good Health!! xx Venus