Venus Andrecht

Venus's Mr. Lime Story...A Big Adventure With A Dazzling Little Being

Feb 7, 2018 I personally met the little dazzling lime green 'Being' that I call Mr. Lime (his Formal title as a Somavedic model is: Medic Uran). Mr. Lime

My latest Adventure began in early January with an unexpected email from the Czech Republic from a man named Juraj. He wondered if I would be interested in testing a product.

After he sent me some information about the products,
my interest was immense and what I call 'My Mr. Lime' arrived quickly.

The information Juraj initially gave me follows (below) after my personal experiences with what I call Mr. Lime for a 2 month period.

These are a few Notes (not necessarily in order!) I jotted down as I tested Mr. Lime for these 2 months:

Feeling Mr. Lime

My cousin Robin comes into the house and says she can feel the Energy from Mr. Lime. She now likes to come over and sit by him.

My House Plants and Mr. Lime:

It's been a month or so when I suddenly notice that my really big potted in house peace lilies and another big plant with waxy red blooms have bright, glossy new foliage at the tops of them and are sprouting their flowers. I have been concerned because all the leaves were yellowing and browning at the edges and looking distressed. These plants all live in the Great Room with Mr. Lime.

I have just today started watering them with the structured water that Mr. Lime makes. The water has been tested and shows before and after photos. The structured water shows perfect crystal pictures like snowflakes. Structured water is the healthiest water and comes from glaciers and deep underground, pure springs.

I find as I go along that Mr. Lime does all the other orbs do individually, including making Structured Water.

I Look Different?

I've just purchased a Mr. Lime for my daughter Summer and one a step down from him that I am calling Lily. She does everything Mr. Lime does except make the structured water.

I call her Lily because she emits beautiful luminous lavender and rose light. I'm putting Lily in Lexi's bedroom and it's energies will go through the wall and into her brother Loch's room as well.

I see my granddaughter Lexi when I take Mr. Lime and Lily to them: "Baba!" Lexi says, coming close and looking full on into my face. "You look different!"
She can't decide why or how but seems to think it's a good thing.
(Could it be Mr. Lime?)

A few days later Summer tells me she put Mr.Lime in her bedroom that night and that she "Slept like a top!" "What's that all about!?" She marvels.

My Energy Is Coming Back!

About 3PM I sat down and reflected on today. I wrote out a long list of everything I had gotten done. My gosh! My younger self is back!
Hello? Mr. Lime is it you?

A Surprise

Ted, my Tax man comes to my house to collect my information. We sit at my dining room table with Mr. Lime nearby. Ted wants to know what that 'Green thing' is.

Mr. Lime

He says, "My body is tingling and I especially feel it in my 3rd eye!"
I say, "Well hey! Have a drink of his structured water. Mr. Lime makes it for me!"
Ted takes a sip and says, "Venus! This is just between us as friends, but.. that water instantly makes me want to poop! This is a good thing! I could get a great cleanse off this!"

"Just don't do it in my chair," I say.

The man insists I let him buy a Mr. Lime immediately, right now.
This takes some doing as I'm not yet set up to provide Somavedics but we Skype Juraj and we get it done.

A Test

* I do Readings for people via phone or Skype. As a test, after a Reading I'm writing clients' names (with their issues) on cards and putting them under Mr. Lime. I'm wanting to see if anything good or out of the ordinary happens for you.

Elizabeth, a client of mine just had a major heartbreak so after I work with her on the phone I tell her I will put her under Mr. Lime.

A few days later she emails me.
"I'm Feeling much better today Venus! Mr. Lime at work me thinks. Remembering to think of myself covered in feathers and knowing. I'm SO READY for purchase as soon as Mr. lime is possible. If you need a pilot group of purchasers pleeeeeeease include meeeeeee! Love you - e"

The next day Elizabeth has a massive despair attack.
I tell her what Juraj's partner Lucy has told me. "When the devices start removing Obstacles in you or in your life so you can have what you really want.. it can feel very rough. But, it's all to a good end."
The next day Elizabeth has bounced back up as high as the sky. This may be part of the process of removing old Obstacles to Happiness, I think.

Arthur And The Candle Flame Being

My little tech friend Mr. Lime looks a bit like a small flying saucer. Mr. Lime feels like some kind of friendly Being to me. I imagine and feel 'him' as some kind of spiritual artificial intelligence.

My brother and I are sitting in my house Tower Room, surrounded by all the windows and the plants in big pots.
We've been chatting about his Healing Energy Work.
I look over at him and I'm startled. I 'see' the Real Being that he is, inside of him. It's a large alive candle flame that is in his head and the rest of it streams bright light downward through his body.
I think, "This is who my brother really is!"
I wonder if I would have seen this without the influence of Mr. Lime. It's starting to seem like Mr. Lime is having an affect on my spiritual self and my abilities as I work with people to help them.

Another day my brother Art comes to see me for coffee and a chat. "I have a terrible pain in my neck and shoulders," he says.
"Sit here on the couch by Mr. Lime!" I suggest.
When Art gets home he texts me. "I have 1/10 of the pain that I had before I sat next to Mr. Lime!'

How I Saw My Mind In The Night! Mr. Lime

I sleep with Mr. Lime very close to me. The other night I was struggling with odd dreams, crazy dreams and scary visions. I was even 'awake' at times while this was happening. I felt insane. Suddenly, I realized I was 'standing' outside my mind, just watching. 'I'm really NOT my mind,' I realized. It's nuts, but I'm fine. I am a separate eternal being.'
Thank you Mr. Lime?

More Adventures With Me & Mr. Lime

I keep Mr Lime close to me all day and night. I carry him around from my bedroom to my living room to my sun room. I love Mr. Lime.

I've had a bouquet that I've had for 4 weeks! It is still perfect. Suddenly I realize why it hasn't dropped it's petals…it's near Mr. Lime! I think, 'Oh my gosh, if it's doing this for cut flowers, what kind of anti-aging affect is it having on me?!'

(I'm still testing this. I have to take into account how old the flowers are when I get them and it seems some flowers respond more than others. But, Lucy tells me her cut flowers last like this, too.)


This early rainy morning after I've just rolled out of bed I have Mr. Lime tucked against my chest. I'm hauling Mr.Lime toward the living room to be with me. Suddenly he jerks and leaps from my arms and smacks my red linoleum floor. He shatters into hundreds of pieces! I'm stunned, in shock and inconsolable.
I cry and sob off and on for 3 hours.

Later in the day I speak with Juraj and Lucy. I tell them about the fatal fall and that I am inconsolable.

They say that out of 16000 units sold (at that time) only two of the glass units have suffered that fate.
They marvel about my leaping Mr. Lime.

Lucy says, "The first Orb that shattered with someone was for a not good reason..but yours breaking was for a very good reason."
She tells me that "When someone takes in a Mr. Lime, life can become very hard as obstacles are cleared out of your life. You must have the things removed that are causing blocks and hardships."
She goes on to say that losing Mr. Lime, in my case is for a very good reason. That "Here in this country (Czechoslovakia) we say whenever glass breaks it means Good Fortune. Your Mr. Lime shattered. We say the more pieces glass breaks into the more Good Luck you will have!" ( I am suddenly thrilled)

"You took it hard because you and Mr. Lime loved each other so much. The next Mr. Lime will love you even more."

It is decided by Lucy and Juraj that I have to stop carrying all the grief from my family's troubles, that I have to let it out. Apparently Mr. Lime ripped me wide open. It felt like it did. There was a 'gusher.'

(I'm getting another Mr. Lime! In fact as it turns out I'm getting two and one for Summer and a 'Lily' (Medic) for my grandkids.)

This morning my brother Arthur comes over and I put the small part of my shattered Mr. Lime on my kitchen counter. Arthur suggests we plug what's left of him in and see what happens. Nothing explodes! Little bits of Mr. Lime light up.

Art walks about 12 -15 ft away from broken Mr. Lime and sits down. He says he is tingling all over. The tingling continues even later when we sit outside for quite awhile.

Jurak tells me next time we speak that he tingles like that, too with the Somavedics. Many people seem to tingle with Mr. Lime. I don't. Darn.

Juraj checks in with Ivan, the inventor of the Somavedics. He reports that Mr. Lime was smashed but still seems to have his wits about him.
Even broken, according to Ivan who is a Sensitive, my Mr. Lime is still working at 25%!
I now have some little baby squash plants grouped around him just to see what happens.

Juraj reminds me later that "Mr. Lime' "Removes obstacles in your health, your relationships and in your mind. And that it's not always an easy process."

He says that "One lady I know was with a man 2 years. She got a Somavedic and after 2 or 3 months she said, "I suddenly saw that man's nature, his true self…and I said, 'that's not what I want!' and she left him flat."

The Big Energy Bank In The Sky

Again, it's Arthur and me and cousin Robin sitting outside in chairs on my lawn. We have our bare feet on the earth to soak up the good earth vibes. We've just had rain or we would be on the ground on a blanket.

Art's wife Mary Ellen calls him on his cell phone. Art chats a moment then says, "Mary Ellen has a terrible pain in her right shoulder. She wants you to take it out."

I say "OK", put down my cup of coffee, scoop up a pile of Energy from behind me and toss it full on toward Mary Ellen on the phone. I hear her yell, "Oh my god, the pain is gone!"

Then Art's son Kris is on the phone with his dad. "Tell Venus to throw me some more Energy. That 'thing' is back a little bit." He thinks it's some kind of dark entity.
I've said, "Not really. It's your negative thoughts, they pile up and hover around you and scare the pants off you. Change your thoughts."

So he's on the phone now with his Dad. I casually reach over my right shoulder, grab something good and throw it full force at Kris on the phone, shrieking as you know I can do. Then I say, "And now Kris is laughing and happy!" Arthur says, 'Yes, he's laughing! And he just said how happy he feels."

Cousin Robin is sitting between Art and me during the phone call-energy toss and says both times she felt the energy I threw as it whizzed by her. She is the one that can always feel Mr. Lime at work.

And More Energy:

A friend, Susan and I are having coffee on an outside patio up town. She says her neck hurts badly, can I do the 'Energy thing?' I throw her some small energy. Not too much as the patio is full of people.
As she walks away from me later to go to her car I slam her with bigger energy from behind. She turns around. Bam! And looks at me.
Later she texts: "My neck is A LOT better!!"

I have been effectively throwing Energy like this for a few years or more. Is it my imagination or is it getting stronger since Mr. Lime has been living with me?

Cousin Robin Goes Giddy

My Mr. Lime's influence extends into the Studio where my cousins Robin and Elaine live. His energy goes all the way into their patio where they like to sit in the mornings, watch the birds and drink coffee.

Late afternoon a few days ago, Robin popped through the Studio door and into my house.
Robin is normally quiet, reflective, serious and she thinks before she speaks. Elaine says 'she's slow about doing things.'
Not any more. She now has happy, light filled giddy 'spells'.
This Robin who bounced into my house was a new Robin all giddy and talking fast and happy. While hopping up and down she acutally burbelled, "I'm getting tons of things done Venus...!"
"Robin", I said, "that Mr. Lime is affecting you!"
Then I said, kind of whiney, "Why can't I feel like that?"

But, we get what we get folks.
Mine seems to lean toward the spiritual. While I was trying to tell a client I was throwing Energy for her physical issues out of my mouth popped "For your mind!"
OK. All right then I guess the problems stem from her mind. Not her body.

So What Are Mr. Lime And His Siblings All About?

Mr. Lime

At some point I email Juraj:

"People are starting to ask me more about Mr. Lime. What can I tell them?

Juraj: "Our product is called Somavedic and it was designed after lots of years of research in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, complementary medicine and related areas and its based on the principle of controlled release of energy from minerals like semi-precious or precious stones. It was designed specifically to neutralize geopathogenic zones and electrosmog like Wifi, that are negatively influencing our health."

"At the same time the device is creating a harmonious field around it, that is helping our bodies to heal itself. Mr. Lime (Medic Uran) and Atlantix has also another significant effect - it is structuring the water, creating a hexagonal water (there is lot's of material to google on the health benefits) which is very beneficial to us."

"We have certificates from Germany and Austria that are backing up it's influence in double-blind studies on people, where their HRV (Heart rate variability) was significantly improved after time spent in the field of Somavedic device. We have also pictures of how water and blood is influenced as well."

Blood cells analysis
IGEF-Somavedic MEDIC Report
IIREC Dr. Medinger e.U.

"It was primarily designed for people, but for example cats, dogs and even plants react to its proximity as well. Here is just one reference talking about it. Harmonie, Atlantik and Medic models reference from Lada and Miluska"

"The price of devices ranges so it's affordable for everybody and we have great references from our customers."

"You can find all the information and references from our customers here: Somavedic owners’ references "

Further Correspondence From Juraj:

"Hi Venus
In case you don't move more than 80 feet, you don't need to carry it with you but it's better to keep it as close as possible for sure.
It's effective radius is at least 100-200 feet in to all directions for some models, and 100 ft for others."

"The effective radius of Medic Uran (mr. Lime) is a sphere with a diameter of possibly 300 feet so if that is within your house its still fine."

"Somavedic helps all the time. It's subtle energy but it's working and helping all the time. Harmonizing the environment to help your body heal faster is just one of the things it's doing. We would also suggest to put a jug of water next to it and then drink this water during the day. Also when you sleep it's good to have it in the room or next room, it's the time when the body is regenerating most."

"My partner Lucy loves to paint next to it, she's talking to it too, as you are :), she even made a painting that was inspired those first days after we brought Somavedic Uran home :) (Mr. Lime")"

It will work, don't worry. Some things just take time.

"Venus, just let it run 24h a day, don't turn it off."

"Some people experience dizziness a few hours after switching on, some have flu like symptoms, some don't have any of these reactions but believe me, it is working one way or the other :)"

"The effective radius of Medic Uran (Mr. Lime) is a sphere with a diameter of possibly 300 feet so if that is within your house its still fine."

Keep it closest to the place where you spend most of the time, you can also put a jar of water next to it, to structure the water, it tastes much better and more healthy.

You can find much more info here: Medic uran measured by pendulum.

Some Of My Questions With Juraj's answers:

1. How many feet out and around does Mr. Lime go?
It's between 100 - 200 feet for Medic (Who I call Lily) and Medic Uran (Mr. Lime) and the rest of the medics around 100 plus. It goes in a circle.

2. How long do we need to leave a jug of water in front of Mr. Lime for it to become structured water? And when I take the jug away to put on my counter does it remain structured? And does it work with bottles of wine?
An hour should be be fine. When you take it away it remains structured, if you boil it, it will be bulk again. Use a 2-3 gal jug. Less is OK...The water holds it's charge. Just don't put next to Wifi, etc. Yes, it works for wine!"

(These same answers pertain to the Atlantik model.)

3. Heating the structured water destroys it?
Warming the water is OK, boiling is not.

4. Mr. Lime puts out a beautiful wide ranging lime colored light which is too bright to sleep with. I have started putting Mr. Lime (in my bedroom) back in his original box and putting the original top on at night. Does this diminish his effectiveness?
No that's fine, it's just paper. These model's energies go through walls so it can go through paper!

Juraj always tells me: "We need to work with Mr. Lime. Don't expect the devices to do all the work. Do what you need to do to get the best results."

In my case, I have started eating more fruits and vegetables, I'm drinking lots of structured water and I strive to be close to Mr. Lime.
I've noticed old emotional issues surfacing; some obstructions that have hampered me for most of my life. I'm doing my best to see them and let them be worked out of my system.
You may do it differently.

"Here it's also described what is Somavedic and how it works: About Somavedic"


Harmonie, Atlantik and Medic models reference from Láďa and Miluška

Medic Uran reference from Martin

Reference of Medic Ultra (Medic uran) by Mr. & Mrs. Akatsuka (from Japan)


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*When you order please send me your email so I can put you on a ML for The Mr. Lime News.
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