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About Venus

Venus is a Clarifying Counselor/Medium/Telepath and she works with all the ‘Clairs’... She also has and works with Unusual and Intense Energies that people can often feel. People say these Energies have changed their lives.

Venus tells the truth. Sometimes she could use a bit more tact, but this makes her fun and totally unique. Sometimes she will ‘blow you off your stool’ with what she sees and hears... and says.

Venus Says:

"Years back I had a startling experience that changed my life. I met what I call the High Beings. I believe what the Beings tell me, which is that all lives are One life, as God experiencing Itself.

I now help clarify & heal your relationships & your life issues.

I read minds & I speak with the 'dead'. A lot of interesting Energies rush through me in Readings and on the Radio. I’m told by clients and listeners that these Energies are often felt...
and that they often clear out and realign your life in good ways.”

Venus does private Readings by Phone or Skype: And she gives FREE Readings on her weekly radio show: All Venus’s shows are on iTunes.

A Few Comments:

"I have had your Private Readings and Readings on your radio show. You are always right on the money and I’ve never heard of any other psychic in the world that is able to read minds as you do."

"Your insight and the Big Energy you throw has changed my life. You are the best and your readings are spot on!!"

"Venus is accurate, hysterical and such a warm person. I could listen to her all day."

"It seems like Venus can do almost everything from telling you what people think, for example like why your BF really left you, showing you where you are stuck in life and pulling you out of it, throwing Love Mojos to bring love into your life and so much more. When I have a problem I always Call Venus!"

*Venus also puts Good Energy into her Paintings so you can keep Good Energy with you. For purchase or just to look:

Rates & Availability

For my availability for online Psychic Readings on Skype and phone on Monday through Friday from 9-4 pm Pacific time, please email me using the contact form. Please do NOT EMAIL ME YOUR CONCERNS ahead of time, because when we have a personal online phone or Skype session, I prefer to go into your situation "cold," so to speak. I will ask you to tell me briefly, when we start the session, what and who you want me to look at for you.

Payment Options

My rate is $12 a minute (Twelve dollars), no minimum amount of time required. I accept Mastercard or Visa at the time of the appointment.

online Psychic Readings on Skype and phone with Venus Andrecht

What People Say

And finally, read what some of my clients have said to me about our sessions together.

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