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About Me

I am a clarifying counselor: a person who sees your life and helps clarify and put things in order and perspective. I am also a medium (a person who speaks with the "dead"). I believe what the Beings tell me, which is that all lives are One life, as God experiencing Itself. I am telepathic. Being telepathic means I can read minds (of the living or the 'dead'), which is why I get a lot of calls about people's love lives! ("What is he thinking about me!?") Or wondering how your mother is doing in the After Life.

An online psychic readings on Skype or phone with me can answer questions such as, "What is my purpose in life? or, "Why do I have this recurring situation or theme in my life, why did my boyfriend suddenly disappear out of my life, can you stop my boss from bullying me" and other situations and puzzles.

I also work with love, your body (and what it is thinking and wants), career, phobias, fears, obsessions, "dead people," weight issues... in other words, just about everything.

Rates & Availability

For my availability for online Psychic Readings on Skype and phone on Monday through Friday from 9-4 pm Pacific time, please email me using the contact form. Please do NOT EMAIL ME YOUR CONCERNS ahead of time, because when we have a personal online phone or Skype session, I prefer to go into your situation "cold," so to speak. I will ask you to tell me briefly, when we start the session, what and who you want me to look at for you.

Payment Options

My rate is $12 a minute (Twelve dollars), no minimum amount of time required. I accept Mastercard or Visa at the time of the appointment.

online Psychic Readings on Skype and phone with Venus Andrecht

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