Venus Andrecht

God Is Always Happy Audiobook: 2-MP3 Set

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Experience a startling series of revelations that will completely alter your understanding of our world and satisfy your questions about the nature of life.

In this two-MP3 set that contains two-hours of spoken recorded transcriptions, Venus Andrecht reveals the teachings given to her by a group of non-physical energies she calls the Beings. These Beings comment on life's most complex issues, such as: why we suffer, past lives, death, why we came here, who we are, what happens to loved ones who've passed on, why animals suffer, the best way to live, and more.

At its basis is the fundamental idea that God is always happy, which is supported by a simple framework of related ideas that neatly account for all the vagaries of life. For Venus, what began as simply jotting thoughts and notes into a notebook bloomed into a daily dialog with forms of consciousness whose broader understanding and penetrating insights into the nature of life finally convinced her that this experience was real, and the information profound.

She presents Their teachings in this double-MP3 set in the hope that others can be similarly helped by Their insights. Read by Venus Andrecht and Summer McStravick.

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