Venus Andrecht

The Get It Done! Mojo

Price: $8.00
A Mojo to inspire and help you get all the things done that you've been putting off or dragging out. Get all the necessary things in your life get accomplished in a timely manner. Does your garage need cleaning, papers need filing, taxes need to be done? Do you need to speak up about something to someone? What have you been reluctant to do that needs doing?

This Mojo will bring in the energy and bounce that you need to get moving. This very high-impact Mojo is 40 seconds long. It is available as an mp3 download ONLY.

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Please note that if you are using your iPhone or iPad, you need to download the MP3 files FIRST on your computer.
Do not download the file directly to your portable devices as it won't work for saving MP3 files.
You may be able to stream the file but it won't get saved. So it's best to save the file on your computer first & then transfer it.