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The Dear Venus Radio Show

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What's the Dear Venus Show About?

If you've ever wanted to know what your boyfriend was really thinking, or your husband, daughter, boss or anyone else . . . tune in to hear “Dear Venus” with host Venus Andrecht. She's smart, warm, funny, and totally authentic. Venus's unique psychic ability lets her “look” into people's minds, ask questions . . . and obtain true, and amazing answers. She calls her talent “clear-seeing,” and it allows her to share with you the real thoughts of your friends and family, both living or passed-on. Venus specializes in reading people's true feelings about their relationships, especially those romantic relationships that can drive us crazy. Venus can size up your difficult situations and see things clearly, even when you can't. She also has an amazing ability to make good things happen for people.

Between and during calls, Venus sprinkles in her wildly eclectic ideas and advice, and shares funny, intimate stories about her own life (and the lives of her unsuspecting friends!). Spend a truly entertaining—and insightful—hour with Venus. She specializes in throwing good energy onto her listeners from what she calls The Beings, and there are many reports of wonderful results. Venus also gives away a free private phone session on each show.

The Dear Venus Show airs Live on Tuesdays at

  • 2 pm Pacific USA
  • 3 pm Mountain
  • 4 pm Central
  • 5 pm Eastern
  • 10 pm UK
  • 7 am (Weds) Sydney, Australia
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